Premier League 21th/22th/23th January 2020 Week 24

Tuesday 21th

Sheffield United  v ManCity   8.30 pm

Chelsea  v  Arsenal                   8.30  pm

Wednesday 22th

Leicester City  v  West Ham   8.30 pm

ManUnited  v  Burnley            9.15  pm

Thursday  23th

Wolves  v  Liverpool                 21.00  pm

… and more…

Premier League week 23– 18th/19th January 2020

Saturday 18th

Watford  v  Tottenham    1.30 pm

NewCastle  United  v  Chelsea   6.30  pm

Sunday 19th

Burnley  v  Leicester City   3.00 pm

Liverpool  v  ManUnited  5.30 pm

…and more…

Premier League Week 22 Friday 10th January zozo (2020)

Friday 10th

Sheffield United  v  West Ham   9.00 pm

Saturday 11th

Crystal Palace  v  Arsenal   1.30  pm

Tottenham  v  liverpool   6.30  pm

Sunday 12th

Bourmouth  v  Watford    3.00  pm

Aston Villa  v  ManCity    5.30 pm

…and more…..if possible …


Premier league 1st January 2020 happy new year !!

1st January 2020

Brighton  v  Chelsea   1.30  pm

Burnley  v  Aston Villa  1.30 pm

Newcastle  v  Leicester 4.00 pm

southampton  v Tottenham  4 pm

ManCity  v  Everton  6.30  pm

West Ham  v  Bournemouth  6.30  pm

Arsenal  v  Man Utd  9.00 pm

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Liverpool  v   Sheff Utd    9.00 pm

thank you very much….to be continued


One year loaded with amaizing recollections and cheerfull times has passed. You have made my year exceptionally uncommon and I wish this continuous even next year . With you around each day at O.T. is a unique event for me. I wish you to have a year as incredible as you are .

See you all back at O.T.on Jan 3rd ! Yours Sandro


Premier League Thursday 26th – Friday 27th – Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th december 2019

Thursday 26th decembre

Tottenham  v  Brighton   1.30 pm

Man Utd  v  NewCastle     6.30 pm

Leicester  v  Liverpool      9.00 pm

Friday 27th

Wolves  v  Man City     8.45  pm

Saturday 28th

Brighton  v  Bournemouth    1.30  pm

Norwich  v  Tottenham   6.30  pm

Burnley  v  Man Utd    8.45 pm

Sunday 29th

Arsenal  v  Chelsea  1.30 pm

Liverpool  v  Wolves  5.30  pm

Celtic  v  Rangers   1.30  pm



Premier League Saturday & Sunday 2019

saturday 21st december 2019

Everton v Arsenal   1.30 pm

Newcastle v Crystal Palace  4.00 pm

Man City   v  Leicester     6.30  pm


sunday 22nd december 2019

Watford  v  Man Utd   3.00 pm

Tottenham  v Chelsea   5.30  pm

Don’t forget…..friday 20th december 2019

Julie and Sandro are  waiting for you…..

O.T. Pub Quiz Friday 20th December 2019

O.T. Pub Quiz Christmas Special Edition

Hosted By Julie

Europa League Thursday 12th December 2019

Thursday 12th December

Standar Liegi  v  Arsenal    6.55  pm

CRF Cluj  v  Celtic   6.55  pm

Manchester United  v  AZ Alkmaar   9.00 pm

Wolves  v  Besiktas    9.00 pm