FA cup : the final act

Come join us for the FA cup final Saturday August  1st. Who is going to win ? Arsenal or Chelsea

Premier League up 22nd June 2020 Every day all match

OT is back and so is the Premier League

Karaoke Saturday 14th March 2020 Let’s go guysss …

OT   Karaoke

Saturday night  9.00  pm

Six Nations Round 5 Saturday 14th 2020

Saturday 14th March 2020

Wales  v  Scotland  4.15  pm


…and Me ..

Premier League Week 28 Wednesday 11thMarch- Week 30 Saturday 14th/15th/16th March

Week 28 Wednesday 11th

Mancity  v  Arsenal  8.30  pm

Week 30 Saturday  14th 

Brighton  v Arsenal  4.00  pm

Mancity  v  Burnley  4.00  pm

Aston Villa  v  Chelsea  6.30

Sunday 15th

Tottenham  v  ManUnited  5.30  pm

Monday  16th 

Everton  v  Liverpool  9.00  pm

Champions League Round 16- 10th/11th March 2020

Tuesday 10th March

Leipitz  v  Tottenham   9.00  pm

Valencia  v  Atalanta  9.00  pm


Wednesday  11th  March

Liverpool  v  Atletico Madrid   9.00 pm

Paris Saint German  v  Borussia Dortmund   9.00  pm




Six Nation Round 4 – 7th/8th March 2020

Saturday 7th March

England  v  Wales   5.45  pm


Sunday  8th  March

Scotland   v  France  4.00 pm


Premier League Week 29 – Saturday 7th/ 8th / 9th March 2020

Saturday 7th March

Wolves  v  Bryghton   4.00   pm

Arsenal  v West Ham  4.00  pm

Crystal Palace  v  Watford  4  pm

Burnley  v  Tottenham   6.30  pm


Sunday 8th March

Chelsea  v  Everton  3.00  pm

Man United  v  Man City  5.30  pm


Monday 9th March

Leichester  v  Aston Villa  9.00  pm



Premier League Week 28 – 28th/29th February and 1st March 2020 and Final Cup

Friday 28th february

Norwich City  v  Leicester City  9.00 pm


Saturday 29th February

NewCastle  United   v  Burnley  5.00 pm

Bournemouth  v  Chelsea  5.00 pm

Watford  v Liverpool  7.30 pm


Sunday 1st March

Everton  v Manchester United    4.00 pm

Tottenham  v  Wolves      4.00 pm


Sunday 1st March Final Cup

Aston  Villa   v  Manchester City  5.30  pm

Six Nations Round 3 Saturday 22nd February 2020

Saturday 22nd

Italy  v Scotland     3.15 pm

Wales  v  France    5.45  pm

Sunday 23rd

England  v  Ireland   4.00 pm