Premier League Friday 30 October 2020

Six Nations Saturday 31 October 2020

Champions League- Eurpoa League 27 October 2020

Champions League

Tuesday 27 October 2020

Marseille  v  Man City  9.00 pm

Liverpool  v  Midjyland  9.00 pm

Wednesday 28 October

Krasnodar  v  Chelsea  6.55 pm

Man United  v  Leipzig  9.00 pm

Europa League

Thursday  29 October

AEK  v Leicester  6.55  pm

Antwerp  v  Tottenham  6.55  pm

Arsenal  v  Dundaik  9.00 pm

Premier League Friday 23 October 2020

Friday 23 October 2020

Aston Villa  v  Leeds  9.00 pm


Saturday 24 October 

Fulham   v  Crystal Palace  4.00 pm

Man Utd  v  Chelsea  6.30 pm

Liverpool  v  Sheffield Utd  9.00  pm


Sunday 25 October

Wolves  v  Newcastle  5.30  pm

Arsenal  v  Leicester  8.15  pm

Rugby Friday 23 October 2020

Friday 23 October 

Scotland  v  Georgia  8.30 pm

Saturday 24 October 

Ireland  v Italy  4.30 pm

France  v  Wales  9.00 pm

Sunday 25 October

England  v  Barbarians   3.00 pm

Champions League Final 2020 Sunday 23rd August 9pm

We don t care if it is Paris or Munich as long aswe watch it together at OT !!

Inter v Sevilla

Inter v Sevilla

who should you support in today ‘s final ?

find it out at OT tonight

Europa and Champions League

Monday 9th – Saturday 13th August everyday at 9.00pm europa and champions league at OT  ..just add you !!

Champions League

Who will play i the champions league semi-finals ? find it out with us at OT on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th August at 9.00 pm

Europa League

Europa league : second legs & one – off ties

Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th August up 6.55 pm